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101 Old-Fashioned Human Names for Dogs (Male) That Are Ridiculously Cute

Do you love good old-fashioned human names for dogs? There’s just something so ridiculously cute about ’em! Classic names. Grandpa names. However you describe these monikers that harken back to a bygone era, old-timey names are new and unique again. Not only as baby names, but also as names for our fur babies! In fact, according to the latest survey from Rover.com, retro or classic dog names were up 17% in 2018.

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101 Old Fashioned Dog Names For Girl Puppy Cuteness

In the spirit of old-timey days, we’ve compiled a list of 101 vintage names for your girl puppy. These old-fashioned dog names were popular before Instagram and cell phones and even drive-thrus. They have a throwback feel and are adorable. We hope there is one here that is as perfect as your new puppy.

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red goldendoodle sitting next to a cream goldendoodle

WHAT IS A GOLDENDOODLE? 100 Dog Owners Describe the Heart and Soul Behind these Comical Doods

What is a Goldendoodle? There’s more to the Goldendoodle than just a cute, fluffy doggo face. These dogs have captured the hearts of their owners…me included. While the popularity of the Goldendoodle has grown since the time it was first conceived in the 1990s, the poodle retriever mix is not without a little canine controversy.

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goldendoodle puppy face

New Goldendoodle Puppy? 7 Golden Lessons This Dog Mom Learned From Raising a Doodle

Goldendoodle Puppy Days: 7 Golden Lessons Learned A Goldendoodle puppy is a furry ball of energy, smarts, and love. As one very doodle crazy dog mom (and, yes, I admit to being a “helicopter puppy parent” too), I loved Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s puppy stage. Looking back on bringing up Chloe, I definitely learned some lessons about […]

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red goldendoodle face

What THE Fluff? Goldendoodle Dog Stuff You’ve Always Wanted to Know About these LOVEABLE MUPPET DOGS

Goldendoodle dog lover? Can’t stop oodling over doodles? Or maybe you’re wondering… What the fluff is all the fuss about the Goldendoodle, anyway?   Where ever you fall on the scale between Goldendoodle dog crazy and Goldendoodle dog curious, you may have some questions about these fluffy muppet dogs. When happy-go-lucky Goldendoodle Chloe and I are out […]

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quote about winter by aristotle and photo of dog

These 10 Feel-Good Quotes About Winter Along with a Dog’s Love for Snowy Days Will Have You Smiling

“Shall I compare thee to a WINTER’S day? Though art lovely and more temperate!” Said not Shakespeare nor any human ever! But Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe, on the other paw, has an appreciation for the white wintry stuff. Frankly, it befuddles me. (I prefer warmer seasons and love quotes about dogs and fall and dogs and sunny […]

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dog in human's arms and title my dog is my best friend

My Dog is My Best Friend! Agree? Then You’ll Love Taking This Dog Quiz for Fur-ends!

“My dog is my best friend!” So true, right? Whether your bestie is a westie, your butt’s parked by your mutt, or you’d do anything for your doodle, most likely you and your canine companion are best buds. But just how “bestie” are you? Is your dog your furry best friend? Take this quiz and find out.

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red goldendoodle dog and title twas the night before chriistmas for dog lovers

Twas the Night Before Christmas: A Feel-Good Poem for Dog Lovers Inspired By One Very Happy Dog (Along with the Classic Story)

Happy-Go-Doodle’s Twas the Night Before Christmas Poem A dog lover’s twist on the beloved poem about the night before Christmas Twas the night before Christmas… and out on the ground, lay a blanket of snow, exciting the HOUND! Last year, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I woke up to a wintry landscape on Christmas Eve morning. (As […]

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Are You Afraid to Trim Your Dog’s Black Nails? Dr. Buzby Helped Me and She Can Help You Too

Are you afraid of trimming your dog’s black nails? Dr. Julie Buzby’s online class helped us learn the secrets to happier nail trims Do you trim your dog’s nails? Do you wish nail trims were a happier experience for you and your dog? As a dog mom, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I enjoy doggo hair trims, toothbrushing, […]

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how to trim a goldendoodle's face title and red goldendoodle dog next to groomer

How to Trim a Goldendoodle Face: What This Dog Mom Learned from a Wahl® ELITE Groomer

How to Trim a Goldendoodle’s Face: What I Learned from a Master Groomer Too short? More off the sides? More off the top? As a dog mom, I enjoy trimming Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s hair. Our DIY goldendoodle haircuts are a time for us to bond, to work as a team. But, when it comes to figuring out […]

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