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17 Best Things to Do with Your Dog in Kansas City

17 Best Things to Do with Your Dog in Kansas City

Red goldendoodle dog with tour guide flag that reads "best of Kansas City" and Kansas City skyline in background of photo
Goldendoodle Chloe’s ready to give you a tour of some of the best things to do with your dog in Kansas City!

Kansas City! Kansas City here we come!

Are you looking for things to do with your dog in Kansas City? If your dog is your best friend, then it’s only natural to plan fun outings and activities that you can do together. (And to see just how “bestie” the two of you are, take our “My Dog  is My Best Friend” quiz.) From restaurants to parks to shopping and even doggie bakeries, there are so many dog-friendly activities in the Kansas City area that you and your dog can enjoy together.

While Kansas City is known for its barbecue, baseball, and fountains, its dog-friendly lifestyle is “bark-worthy”  too. As your fur-endly tour guide, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s compiled her list of best (and happiest) things to do with your dog in Kansas City.  Let’s go find some places to take your dog!

A few notes about our list of dog-friendly activities:

  • We chose Crown Center as the “city center” for estimating the distance to each dog-friendly location or activity.
  • On our tour of places to take your dog, there are a few locations that accept pets outside only.
  • There many seasonal dog-friendly activities and events, so check back with us again. We’ll keep updating our “best of” list.

17 Best Things to Do with Your Dog in Kansas City

1. Weston Bend State Park: Best dog-friendly hiking trail with a beautiful view 

  • Why does Weston Bend State Park make our list of best things to do with your dog in Kansas City? The scenic view of the Missouri River! Looking down at the river winding through the countryside from the overlook is just one of the highlights of this beautiful state park.
  • Distance from Crown Center: 36-minute drive via I-29

2. Watkins Mill State Park: Best dog-friendly hiking trail with an easy paved path

 red goldendoodle dog walking on a trail in dog-friendly kansas city
Watkins Mill State Park includes a 3.75-mile walking trail that loops around the lake.
  • Why do we recommend Watkins Mill State Park? The views of the lake, the wildlife, and the songbirds. The trail winds around the lake and has an easy walking path. (Before you head out, remember to bring along all the necessities for your furry friend. Here’s our list of supplies to bring on a dog walk.)
  • Main walking trail: 3.75-mile loop
  • Distance from Crown Center: 37-minute drive via I-35

3. Red Barn Farm: Best dog-friendly fall activity north of Kansas City

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your dog in Kansas City in the fall, picking pumpkins at Red Barn Farm is a festive and picture-worthy outdoor experience.

 Dog-friendly pumpkin farm with piles of pumpkins and goldendoodle sitting in them. Pumpkins are everywhere in front of the barn making it one of the fun places to take your dog
If you’re looking for places to take your dog in the fall, check out Red Barn Farm.

Be sure to visit the barnyard cuties at  Red Barn Farm too!

Kansas City area's Red Barn Farm includes farm animals. Red goldendoodle dog is looking at rooster
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe meets a rooster for the first time at dog-friendly Red Barn Farm.

4. Lidia’s: Best dog-friendly Italian restaurant in Kansas City

Collage of photos of dog at Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Kansas City
Lidia’s was our restaurant of choice for celebrating Happy-Go-Doodle’s Best New Pet Blog win!
  • Why do we love Lidia’s as a dog-friendly restaurant in Kansas City? The Italian farmhouse experience, the pasta trio, the brick-paved cozy outdoor patio, and the friendly staff.
  • Distance from Crown Center: 5-minute drive.
  • The dog-friendly patio is charming but small. If you have a large group and lots of canine companions, we recommend calling ahead to make sure they can accommodate your group.

5. The National World War 1 Museum: Best museum with a dog-friendly outdoor experience

Kansas City's World War 1 Museum with Red goldendoodle dog in picture
The World War 1 Museum offers a great view of Kansas City’s downtown skyline.
  • Why is the National World War 1 Museum on our list of best places to take your dog in Kansas City? Great views, history, and other friendly dogs! While our canine companions aren’t allowed inside the museum, there’s still plenty to see outside. On a sunny KC day, many dog owners take their dogs (on leash) to the museum’s outdoor area to enjoy the views of the KC skyline and to take pics.
  • Distance from Crown Center: a 5-minute minute walk.
Best View of Kansas City skyline is from the World War 1 Memorial
View from the World War 1 Memorial in Kansas City

6. Char Bar: Best dog-friendly restaurant in Kansas City with a fire pit and “backyard”

Char Bar Restaurant: Southern-inspired smokehouse

  •  What makes Char Bar one of the best dog-friendly spots in KC? The food, laid-back atmosphere, and huge stone fire pit!  Plus, the large “backyard” includes games like bocce ball, ping-pong, and croquet for the hoomans.

7. Rock ‘n’ Brews: Best dog-friendly restaurant in Kansas City that caters to dogs

Collage of dog-friendly Kansas City restaurant called Rock 'n' Brews
Top right: A friendly pup enjoys a snack made just for dogs. Rock & Brews serves great food to both canine companions and their people too.

Rock & Brews: Affordable, American comfort food

  • What makes Rock & Brews one of the best places to take your dog? They offer a menu specifically for dogs, the dog-friendly patio is spacious, and the servers are very friendly.
  • Shopping and eating out? We recommend pairing this restaurant with a trip to Scheel’s. It’s just a short distance away.

8. Scheel’s:  Best dog-friendly indoor shopping for outdoor enthusiasts

Ferris wheel inside Scheel's store located in Kansas City
Scheels is a dog-friendly Kansas City store for outdoor enthusiasts. It includes special attractions such as an indoor ferris wheel.
  •  Are dogs allowed at Scheels? Yes, “fur” sure! Scheels is dog-friendly and offers dogs and their people plenty of indoor space to walk and check out all the gear for any dog-friendly adventures you may be planning—from kayaking to paddleboarding to hiking. Dog-friendly Scheels combines entertainment with shopping that’s just right for the outdoor enthusiast. Too cold or too rainy for outdoor activities with your furry friend? Try Scheels.

9.  Self-guided walls and murals tour: Best impromptu activity 

There are many walls and murals around Kansas City. Why not spend a morning or afternoon with your dog and check them out? We’ve included three of our favorites here, but there are many more hidden gems around KC.

Raised Royal Mural 

Kansas City Royals Wall and red goldendoodle in dog-friendly Kansas City MO
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe is #RaisedRoyal.
  • Why do we love the Raised Royal Mural? Because Chloe’s #RaisedRoyal, of course!
  • 25th Street and Southwest Blvd, KCMO
  • Distance from Crown Center: 6-minute drive
  • Artist: Phil Shafer

 Kansas City Gives Mural

Goldendoodle dog in front of never better kansas city wall mural
If you’re looking for things to do with your dog in Kansas City, there are many walls that make great backdrops for pics of you and your dog.
  • Kansas City Gives Mural
  • Why we love this wall? The combination of messaging, graphic design, and the bright color palette!
  • Location: Union Hill near Crown Center
  • Distance from Crown Center: walking distance, a two-minute drive

 Crafted in Kansas City Mural

Crafted in Kansas City Wall Mural

  • Crafted In Kansas City Wall Mural
  • Why do we love this wall? With its old-style brick and fun lettering, it’s got a great vibe.
  • 2616 Guinotte Ave, Kansas City, MO
  • Note: This is off the beaten path
  • Distance from Crown Center: 12-minute drive

Tip: Some of the Kansas City walls that have been popular on Pinterest no longer exist. The walls shown in this post are intact as of 2018.

10. Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Sculpture Garden: Best dog-friendly outdoor sculpture garden in Kansas City 

Kansas City's Nelson Atkins Museum of Art dog-friendly outdoor sculpture park and red goldendoodle dog in front of shuttlecock sculpture
The photo opportunities are endless at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s dog-friendly outdoor sculpture garden.
  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Sculpture Garden is great for dog lovers who enjoy art and the outdoors too. Also, the iconic shuttlecocks, the expansive gardens, the reflective pool, and even the steps up to the museum, all make great backdrops for photos of you and your dog!
  • Distance from Crown Center: 9-minute drive

11. Crown Center: Best dog-friendly outdoor patio area in Kansas City

Collage of Crown Center patio area in Kansas City and goldendoodle dog
Crown Center Shops are connected to the Sheraton and Westin hotels via “The Link.” The patio is a great place to take a break.
  • Why take a break here? It’s a great place to take your dog for a short walk, sit by the fountains, or relax with a cup of coffee.
  • No pets along with you? The Crown Center shops, Sea Life Aquarium, and Legoland are adjacent to the patio. (Pets are not allowed in these areas.)
  • Additionally, if you’re visiting Kansas City, Crown Center is conveniently located near the pet-friendly Sheraton Hotel.

 12. J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain & Northland Fountain: Best fountains in Kansas City

Red goldendoodle dog in front of North Kansas City Missouri Fountain and words look for me in dog-friendly KC
The Northland Fountain is unique because it runs year-round. In this pic, you can see that the water is partially frozen.
  • The Northland Fountain at NE Vivion Rd and North Oak Trafficway is conveniently located near Anita B. Gorman Park and is easily accessible via I-29.
  • If you’re visiting the Country Club Plaza, the JC Nichols Memorial Fountain (47th JC Nichols Pkwy) is a Kansas City icon.

13. Best Kansas City bakery designed for dogs: Three Dog Bakery


Goldendoodle Chloe peering into window at Kansas City's dog-friendly Three Dog Bakery
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe takes a peek into the Three Dog Bakery.
  • Are all these dog-friendly activities in Kansas City making your dog a little snacky? Stop by the Three Dog Bakery for a decadent treat for your furry friend.
  • Two KC locations: The Country Club Plaza (602 W. 48th Street) and Overland Park (7951 W. 160th Street Suite 520, OP, KS)

14. Best dog-friendly hang out: Bar K Dog Bar

Two paws up for KC’s newest dog-friendly hang out!  Bar K Dog Bar is a dog bar in Kansas City that combines a fully-staffed dog park with a modern bar, restaurant, and coffeehouse. Also, there are many unique events including dog-friendly yoga, concerts, speakers, and other special programs.

And the best dog-friendly Kansas City season? Baseball season!

15. Best dog-friendly sporting event in Kansas City: Bark at the Park with the Kansas City Royals! 

KC Royals Baseball stadium
Bring your dog to “Bark at the Park” and watch the Kansas City Royals play ball!

Bring your dog to the ballpark for an evening of baseball! It’s sure to be one of your favorite things to do with your dog in Kansas City. There are four dog-friendly ball games each year, so you can choose the ones that work best for your schedule. Who knows! Maybe your ball-loving pooch will appear on the jumbo screen.

Looking for even more things to do in Kansas City? 

Close-up of sunflowers at a farmer's market
The farmer’s market at Historic City Market is a great Saturday morning activity. However, dogs are not allowed.

You might want to check these Kansas City favorites: 

Note: not all places on the list below are dog-friendly.

Farmer’s Market:

  • Located at the Historic City Market.
  • Open every Saturday and Sunday year-round.
  • The farmer’s market is not pet-friendly, but it’s still a fun adventure.
  • While you’re there, stop by Beignets.

Restaurants: (Kansas City classics, but check with the restaurants for their pet policies. )

Shopping:  (While you may not be able to take your dog inside stores, you can take them for walks and window shopping!)

Sightseeing and culture: (Pets are not allowed.)

Thanks for joining us on our tour of the best things to do with your dog in Kansas City! We hope you enjoy all of these dog-friendly places in KC. 

red goldendoodle dog with furry ears blowing in wind and flag that says visit kc there's so much to see

What are your favorite things to do with your dog in Kansas City? We’d love to hear! 

Doodle kisses and tail wags!

Patrick is Mahomie! Goldendoodle Revels in Mahomie Mania & KC Chiefs Super Bowl Win

photo dog dressed as patrick mahomie and title my little mahomie

Patrick is Mahomie! Goldendoodle “suits up” for a Chiefs Super Bowl win

Are you ready for some football…smiles and happy memories? If you watched Super Bowl LIV and thought, “Patrick is Mahomie” then join the pack! Along with thousands of hoomans, our comical Goldendoodle sported the Mahomie style on Super Bowl Sunday. Our goal? To add some fun and trophy-winning smiles to your day.

Suiting up for the big game: Mini Mahomie style

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe “suited up” for the big game on Super Bowl Sunday. Since Kansas City’s dreams of going to the Super Bowl were 50 years in the making (mind you, that’s about 350 in dog years ;), the curly-mopped, red Goldendoodle was up for the fun and excitement!

In the spirit of dog love and sharing joy with others, please enjoy this dog’s eye view from the 2020 Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl game.

The pregame countdown

Goldendoodle Chloe could sense the excitement that swirled like Super Bowl confetti around the entire Kansas City area as everyone anticipated the big game on Sunday afternoon between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. In preparation, Chloe joined in the “Mahomie mania” by suiting up for the big game in her #15 Mahomes Chiefs shirt and headband…

photos goldendoodle dog wearing mahomie shirt with #15
Since her entire family treats her like the chief of the family, it was only fitting that Goldendoodle Chloe suit up for the Super Bowl…Mahomie style.

Her natural curls and bandana made instant Mahomie hair and it blew gently in the wind as she sniffed out a victory and anticipated the big day.

photo goldendoodle dog wearing mahomes shirt

Taking the field…

While the OG Mahomes warmed up on the field, mini-Mahomes put on her game face. (Granted, with all her fluff, it’s hard to look too tough 😉

goldendoodle dog wearing mahomie shirt and title game day game face


Finally, kickoff! During the first half of the game, emotions were high. But Goldendoodle Chloe rallied her hoomans, kept her “pawsitive” outlook, and delivered game-winning humor with her comical looks. (For more Doodle humor, please read her massive list of dog puns, 75 Dog Puns, Memes, and Doggo Lingo So Cute You’ll Say “P’awww.”)

photo goldendoodle dog wearing patrick mahomes #15 shirt and title go chiefs

Halftime? Snacktime!

While the hoomans watched the halftime show, mini-Mahome Chloe took the opportunity to do a little counter surfing. And drool over all the Super Bowl snacks…

goldendoodle dog wearing mahomes bandana

High fives and colorful confetti flies!

Finally, as the last seconds ticked off the game clock and the scoreboard showed a 31-20 Chiefs victory, Chloe shared in a celebration dance…

goldendoodle dog wearing mahomie shirt and dancing

…and some high fives with her pack.

photo dog dressed as patrick is my mahomie and high fiving

Kansas City fans celebrate

Neighbors cheered. Horns honked. Fireworks lit up the Kansas City sky. Many exuberant Chiefs fans thronged to local sporting goods stores to be the first to purchase official NFL Super Bowl Champion shirts and gear.

As the evening wound down, the feeling of happiness swirled in the Kansas City air like confetti.* Happiness for players who always believed and never lost faith. Happiness for a young man who lead a team with unwavering determination. Happiness for a coach who brought a team and a community joy.

As our four-legged team player closed her eyes (her Mahomie hair tickling the cheek of her hooman), maybe she dreamt of squirrels or sticks…or sweet Super Bowl dreams fulfilled.

dog sleeping on owners shoulder and title sweet super bowl dreams

Postgame dog-loving highlights:

While Chloe brings joy to our own dog-loving, football-loving family, we are not unique in our conviction that dogs are family. Just take a look at social media. You’ll find Instagram profiles filled with pics of dogs participating in everything from football games to marriage proposals. This rings true for many Chiefs football players too. In addition to dogs as family members, here are just a couple of other heartwarming ways that some dog-loving Kansas City Chiefs football players are making an impact on pet-friendly Kansas City

  • Kansas City Chiefs player Derrick Nnadi celebrated his Chiefs Super Bowl win by announcing that he would pay adoption fees at the Kansas City Pet Project, a KC animal shelter. To learn more, please read ESPN’s article, Chiefs’ Derrick Nnadi picks up adoption fee for 91 dogs at shelter.
  • Kansas City Chiefs players posed with their dogs (or shelter dogs) for a 2020 KC Chiefs calendar. According to Companion Project Pet Insurance’s website, all proceeds from the calendar benefit Kansas City-area animal shelters and 15 and Mahomies. (According to the same website, the calendar has sold out online.)

Thanks for sharing a smile with Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe through her “day in a mini Mahomie’s life” and story of the Kansas City Chief’s Super Bowl win. We hope that we added some dog-loving smiles to your day.

*Fun Super Bowl Celebration Fact: The blizzard of confetti that fell on players and fans after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory wasn’t just colorful paper. The confetti was printed with positive messages that were Tweets from fans! For more about this magical moment, read Fox 4 Kansas City’s story: White confetti that fell during Super Bowl celebration contained Chiefs’ fan tweets.

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How do you celebrate with your dog?

We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

Dog-themed gifts for dog lovers

  • photo goldendoodle wearing blue dog bandana

Introducing the Fetch Joy® Collection

FETCH JOY®!  It’s what life with your dog is all about.  Whether you’re heading out on an adventure, playing a game of ball, or going for a walk, this message is a reminder to live in the moment and grab all the fun you can with your dog by your side. 

Helping service dogs…

Photo of Service Dog in training with title Warriors' Best Friend Connects Shelter Dogs and Veterans

A portion of profits helps support nonprofit organizations that train service or therapy dogs. For the month of November, we’ve selected Warriors Best Friend as the recipient. The nonprofit organization adopts dogs from Kansas City area shelters and trains them to be service dogs at no cost to area veterans and first responders.

More unique gifts for dog lovers…

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Photo of Service Dog in training with title Warriors' Best Friend Connects Shelter Dogs and Veterans

A portion of profits helps support nonprofit organizations that train service or therapy dogs. For the month of November, we’ve selected Warriors Best Friend as the recipient. The nonprofit organization adopts dogs from Kansas City area shelters and trains them to be service dogs at no cost to area veterans and first responders.

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About The Fetch Joy® Life…

Inspired by one ridiculously happy Goldendoodle dog named Chloe, Fetch Joy® is about living your best life with your dog by your side. Whether you’re heading out on an adventure or playing a game of fetch in your own back yard, each time you grab your Fetch Joy® comfywear, we hope you feel the joy that comes from living in the moment with your doggo. #fetchjoylife

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Fetch Joy®

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A portion of the profits each month will help support nonprofit organizations that train service or therapy dogs. For the month of November, we’ve selected Warriors Best Friend as the recipient. The nonprofit organization adopts dogs from Kansas City area shelters and trains them to be service dogs at no cost to area veterans and first responders.

About The Fetch Joy® Life…

Inspired by one ridiculously happy Goldendoodle dog named Chloe, Fetch Joy® isn’t just the name for our limited collections of “comfort wear” for both dog lovers and their furry friends, but also a mantra for living our best life with dogs. Whether you’re heading out on an adventure or playing a game of fetch in your own back yard, each time you wear one of our comfort wear products we hope you feel the joy that comes from living in the moment with your doggo. #fetchjoylife

21 Things to Do in Amelia Island With Your Dog

photo labrador retriever puppy sitting at dog-friendly restaurant in amelia island

21 things to do in Amelia Island with your dog

So, Amelia Island is on your “sandy bucket list” of beach getaways. And it’s on your dog’s bucket list too! But will there be things to do in Amelia Island for both you and your dog? If you’re wondering what kind of adventures you and your canine companion can enjoy on this barrier island in Florida that welcomes dogs, we’re glad you’re here. We hope our mega list of fun and relaxing things to do in Amelia Island with your dog inspires you!

While we’d read that Amelia Island’s beaches were dog-friendly, we were curious how many other places on the island paid special love and attention to dogs. Would there be dog-friendly restaurants, shopping, activities? With dogs top-of-mind during our stay, we found 21 tail-wagging happy things to do in Amelia Island with your dog.

Things to do in Amelia Island: Outdoor activities

1. Enjoy dog-friendly beaches.

Amelia Island welcomes leashed dogs on the beaches. Many dog owners took their dogs for walks along the beach in the mornings and came back in the evenings with beach chairs to sit and enjoy the ocean breeze with their dogs by their sides. In addition to the ocean views and breeze, there is shelling, dolphin sighting, and bird watching for the humans. For the doggos, just being at the beach provides plenty of mental stimulation. Plus, there’s digging in the sand…which dogs seemed to enjoy too.

Red goldendoodle dog sitting on Amelia Island's beach with ocean in background
Sophie, a red Goldendoodle, was happy to enjoy Amelia Island’s dog-friendly beach. You can follow her adventures on Instagram @minidoodlesophie.
Ocean and shoreline of Amelia Island
Natural sea oats and sand dunes line the beaches of Amelia Island.

2. Take a dog-friendly cruise.

Yes, Amelia Island River Cruises welcomes well behaved, leashed dogs. For pics by cruise travelers, check out #ameliarivercruises on social media.

3. Take your dog for a drive along the roads surrounded by oak trees laced with Spanish moss.

The canopies that the trees made along the roads and walkways topped our list of favorite things about Amelia Island. It was both beautiful and a welcoming respite of shade on a sunny day.

Tree-lined road in Amelia Island Florida
View from our car.

4. Walk your dog on one of the many nature trails.

For most dogs, there’s nothing like getting outside and walking. In addition to the exercise, on-leash walking along Amelia Island’s nature trails is a chance for your dog to enjoy some “scent work” by sniffing out all the new smells. Before you go, please remember to pack plenty of water, dog snacks, and other essentials for happy outings with your dog. Also, as the sign in the photo below warns, be watchful for the creatures who also call Florida home. Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe‘s motto? Safety first and happiness will follow.

A reminder to visitors of Florida’s first inhabitants.

5. Bring your binoculars and go bird watching.

If your dog is laid back and patient, you can go bird watching together. According to Amelia Island Travel & Leisure, it’s estimated that there are over 470 bird species in Florida.

6. Walk along the dog-friendly beaches in search of shark teeth.

Yes, there really are fossilized shark teeth hidden among the shells on the beach. As a first-timer, I did find a couple of shark teeth. However, a fellow dog lover more experienced in searching for shark teeth found dozens. He kindly shared the photo (inset below) with me for this blog post, so that you can see what the shark teeth look like.

photo of dozens of shark teeth found in amelia island florida
Ready for a treasure hunt? Shark teeth are hidden among all the shells along Amelia Island’s 13 miles of sandy beaches.

7. Watch the sun rise over the ocean.

Few things are simpler and more peaceful than watching the sun rise over the ocean. It’s the perfect way to start your day with your dog.

8. Watch the sun set over the riverfront.

At the end of your day, you can watch the sun set over the Amelia Island river. Amelia Island is just two miles across at its widest point, so catching a sunrise over the ocean and a sunset over the water is easily within reach. The historic downtown district of Fernandina offers free parking (yes, it’s true) so you can walk along the cobblestone streets and enjoy sunset views along the Amelia River. It’s a relaxing way to end your day with your dog by your side.

Things to do in Amelia Island: Enjoy some of Amelia Island’s dog-friendly restaurants

Yes, there’s seafood and restaurants and ice cream shops. We couldn’t try them all, but we found a few favorites during our stay…and they are dog-friendly.

9. For seafood and scenic views, visit Brett’s Waterway Cafe.

If you enjoy seafood and scenic views, Brett’s Waterway Cafe was a favorite for us. Is Brett’s dog-friendly? Their slogan displayed on the wall in the photo below sums it up best. Just knowing that the owners are dog lovers made us feel more welcome.

photo of the dog-friendly slogan at brett's waterway cafe in amelia island
The sign on the wall at Brett’s Waterway Cafe says it all: Brett’s welcomes dogs on the patio and it has a waterfront view.
sunset and brett's waterway cafe as a fun thing to do in amelia island
Sunset view of Brett’s Waterway Cafe.

10. For refreshment for you and your pup too, check out London’s Pub & Pups.

What’s a pub named “London’s” doing in Amelia Island, Florida? According to the very kind people we met while visiting London’s Pub & Pups, the owners are true dog lovers. So much so, that they named this indoor/outdoor pub and restaurant after their dog, London. Dog-friendly London’s Pub & Pups offers menu items for both dogs and their people. If you’d like to learn more, check out their Facebook page.

courtyard seating area at london's is a popular thing to do in amelia island for dog lovers
There is plenty of shade on the patio at London’s for your dog.
photo smiley labrador retriever
This adorable Labrador Retriever pup was visiting London’s.

11. Sit under a canopy of shade trees and twinkle lights at Cafe Karibo.

Cafe Karibo offers a charming, natural courtyard setting with shady trees and twinkle lights for dogs and their people.

photo of cafe karibo's sign

12. Enjoy a picnic-style atmosphere at dog-friendly Timoti’s.

We’d read that Timoti’s was the restaurant that the Amelia Island locals recommend, so we had to check it out. The outdoor picnic table-style seating is super casual and dog-friendly. Also, if you have little kiddos, they can play in Timoti’s outdoor play area. Finally, we loved the tacos! For more info before you go, check out

photo of tacos from tomoti's restaurant in fernandina beach
Left: Timoti’s yummy mahi taco. Right: Timoti’s yummy shrimp taco

Things to do in Amelia Island: Fernandina’s historic district

Looking for a dog-friendly town with a mix of history, charm, unique shops, and beautiful architecture? Amelia Island’s downtown, Fernandina Beach, is a step back in time with cobblestone streets and storefronts that have character. Here are some fun things that we found to do in Fernandina’s historic district with your dog.

13. Take in a little souvenir shopping.

Dog-themed souvenirs? We found them while window shopping. Walk along the cobblestone streets and check out the cute dog-themed T-shirts.

photos of t-shirts with dog sayings as shopping is a fun thing to do in amelia island
Check out all the cute doggy T-shirts in the window at Harbor Wear in Fernandina’s historic district.

14. Admire the architecture and Victorian-style homes.

If you’re ready for a vacation sans the cookie-cutter chain stores, Fernandina’s it. Take your dog for a walk along the cobblestone-edged streets and enjoy the architecture and Victorian-style homes, many of which are on the National Historic Registry.

photo of historic area of fernandina beach

15. Live in the moment with your dog.

Dogs teach us how to live in the moment, so take a lesson from your canine companion and just soak up all the sights, scents, and sounds you can.

16. Meet other dogs and dog lovers.

Dogs are great connectors. If you have a dog you already know this. Most of us enjoy the chance to “talk dog” with other dog lovers, share ideas about dog-friendly vacations, and get the inside scoop on other dog-friendly things to do.

photo of happy dog
Dogs like to check out the scenery too.

Things to do in Amelia Island: Where to stay

From our research, there are many pet-friendly accommodations including hotels, resorts, condos, and VRBOs. If you’re looking for a familiar chain, Hampton Inn Amelia Island welcomes pets as does the Ritz-Carlton and Residence Inn by Marriott. After much Google searching, for this particular trip (our first of what we hope to be many), we chose the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Villas for its 3.5 miles of uncrowded beaches and beautiful ocean views.

17. Stay at a pet-friendly resort with great views

Trails. Bike rentals. Segway tours. Restaurants. Golfing. Kayaking tours. Omni Amelia Island Villas offers so many activities. Or you can just sit and sip coffee as you watch the sunrise with your dog. Bliss. (For more about Amelia Island Plantation stay tuned. It will be featured in our third article on dog-friendly Amelia Island.)

photo of the view from omni amelia island villa a dog-friendly resort
The view from our Amelia Island Plantation Villa.

18. Stay by the sea so your dog can play by the sea.

photo of dog on amelia island beach
This little dog, Biscuit, welcomed us to the beach.

If your dog prefers condo living, we found these beachfront VRBO retreats during our visit. Through a chance meeting on the beach (stopping to take pictures of their adorable dog Biscuit, :)), we met the family behind two beautiful oceanfront condos—The Sea Turtle and Sea Glass. It was easy to see the love they had for Biscuit, and their enthusiasm for making dogs and dog owners feel at home while staying at their condos.

Below are pictures of their dog-friendly oceanfront condos. If you’d like to learn more, check out these links: Sea Glass Cottage and Sea Turtle Cottage. The units are next door to one another and are located in Turtle Dunes in the Amelia Island Plantation.

photo from a dog-friendly VRBO at Amelia Island
Sunrise from the patio at dog-friendly Sea Glass Cottage.
photo the the view from a dog-friendly condo at Amelia Island
Beautiful beach view from the private lanai at dog-friendly Sea Turtle Cottage.

Finally, if you’re looking for more information about dog-friendly accommodations for your getaway, check out Bring Fido’s page, Pet-Friendly Hotels in Amelia Island.

Things to do in Amelia Island: Don’t forget the treats and dog supplies

While we were visiting Amelia Island, we kept an eye out for dog-friendly pet stores for those “we forgot to pack the ___” moments.

photo of redbones dog bakery a fun thing to do in amelia island with your dog
Redbones Dog Bakery.

19. Treat your dog to a doggie bakery item.

Redbones Gourmet Dog Bakery features a bakery case full of puppy treats and also a variety of pet supplies.

20. Stop by the pet store for last-minute items and dog beach supplies.

photo of pet supermarket in amelia island
Forgot something? Pet Supermarket has dog supplies.

Did you forget to pack the puppy sunscreen? In addition to Walmart and Publix stores, there is a pet supermarket on Amelia Island. We stopped in for a visit and this pet store had a wide range of dog supplies for anything you might have forgotten to pack for your pooch.

Looking for more things to do in Amelia Island?

If your furry pal is ready for an afternoon nap in the air conditioning, here are some other things to do in Amelia Island that are more “human-friendly” than dog-friendly:

  • Go horseback riding on the beach
  • Visit the Amelia Island Museum
  • Take a bicycle ride along the beach or on the trails
  • Try kayaking or paddleboarding
  • Enjoy championship golfing
  • Go fishing
  • Head to Fort Clinch State Park: We checked out the 19th-century fort (see photos below). While it is not dog-friendly, some other areas of the park do allow well-behaved, leashed dogs.
photo of view from fort clinch state park in amelia island
photo of flag and fort clinch state park in amelia island

More about Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a barrier island located just off the coast of northeast Florida in Nassau County. It offers a unique combination of 13 miles of beaches, historical exploration, and an abundance of natural beauty including canopies of Spanish moss-laced trees. Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) is about a 30-minute drive from Amelia Island.

We hope we’ve inspired you with this list of things to do in Amelia Island with your dog. Whether relaxing on a dog-friendly beach or watching a sunset together, there is an abundance of joy…for both ends of the leash.

Be sure to check out our related stories:

Dog-Friendly Beach? 8 Reasons Why Dogs Love Amelia Island’s Beaches

17 Best Things to Do With Your Dog in Kansas City

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photo labrador retriever and title dog friendly amelia island

What’s on your dog’s bucket list?

We’d love to hear. Please comment below.

111 RED DOG Names That Are “RED”iculously Adorable

red goldendoodle dog's face image

111 Red Dog Names

Red dog names are some of the best! And with over 111 dog name ideas on this list, we think you’ll find the one that’s just as red-iculously perfect as your new pup!

Whether your new puppy is a fiery red-head or a genuine ginger, finding a name that fits his or her personality and appearance is one of the most fun, creative, and somewhat perplexing tasks of being a new pet parent.

To make it a little easier, we’ve rolled out the red carpet for you and created a colossal list of names that are just right for your red-haired fur baby. While this list of names was inspired by our red Goldendoodle dog, they are just right for all breeds that sport red coats or are reddish colored.

From Dachshunds to Irish Setters to Irish Terriers to Vizlas to Goldendoodles to adorable mixes, there’s a name on this ultimate list for every type of red dog.

Do’s and Don’ts for naming your furry red-haired friend

Before you begin, here are a few tips on choosing a name for your new bestie:

  1. DO: keep a list. Jot down names that “fit” your dog’s personality. If a name has a “ring” to it, there’s a reason that it is resonating with you. As you add to your list, you may find a pattern. Maybe your list is filled with human names or old-fashioned names or names that start with a particular letter.
  2. DO: Say the name aloud. How does it sound after the phrase, “Who’s a good dog?” 😉
  3. DO: Choose a name that has two syllables. According to experts, dogs are more receptive to two-syllable names because the length allows the dog owner to add more voice inflection. (For more information, read Modern Dog magazine’s The Science of Choosing a Dog’s Name.) To make it easier for you, almost all of the names on our lists have two syllables.
  4. DON’T: Choose a name that sounds like a command that your dog will follow. This is confusing for your dog. (For example, “Lay” and “Layla.”)
  5. DO: Have fun! After reading the lists of red dog names below, check out our other dog name lists:
red goldendoodle dog and red dog name image

Red dog names inspired by shades of red

Coral Scarlet
 title red-iculously cute red dog names and red goldendoodle picture

Red dog names inspired by celebrities, Disney characters, royalty…and race car drivers

Alfred (E. Newman) Ginger (Gilligan’s Island)
Amy (Amy Adams) Giselle (Disney’s)
Anna (Disney’s Frozen) Harry (Prince Harry)
Archie (Archie Comics) Janie (Jane Jetson: The Jetsons)
Ariel (Little Mermaid) Jessie (Disney’s Toy Story)
Charlie (Charles Finster: Rugrats)Kim (Kim Possible) 
Clemens (Samuel Clemens) Annie (Little Orphan Annie)
Earnhardt (Dale Earnhardt)Lucy (Lucille Ball: The I Love Lucy Show)
Daphne (Scooby-Doo) Merida (Disney’s Brave)
Sheeran (Ed Sheeran) Pebbles (The Flintsones)
Elmo (Sesame Street)Peter (Peter Pan) 
Emma (Emma Stone) Princess Fiona (Shrek)
Fergi (Sarah, Duchess of York)Li’l Ann (Where the Red Fern Grows)
Finneas (Finneas and Ferb)Scooby (Scooby-Doo)
Florence (Florence Nightingale)Wilma (Wilma Flintstone) 
Ernie (Bert’s pal: Sesame Street)Winston Churchill
Beeker (The Muppets)Yosemite Sam
Nemo (Finding Nemo)
image of curly red dog face

Red dog names inspired by famous red dogs!

Lady (Disney’s Lady and the Tramp)
Turner (Turner and Hooch: Movie)
Clifford (Clifford The Big Red Dog: children’s books)
Pluto (Disney’s comical dog)
Li’l Ann (Where the Red Fern Grows: classic dog book)

Names for red dogs that are inspired by food

Berry (cranberry, raspberry)Merlot
CheetoKC (Kansas City BBQ)
Cherry Nacho
CinnamonPepper (red pepper) 
ClaretPom-Pom (Pomegranite) 
MangoRhubee (inspired by rhubarb)
MeatballSaffron (expensive spice)
MelonVelvet (red velvet cake)
red goldendoodle dog's face image

Love nature? Try out these nature-inspired red dog names

Cardinal Rosy (Red Rose) 
red goldendoodle puppy names image

Do you associate red dog names with energy?

Like the color red, does your red-haired canine companion embody a spirit of adventure, boldness, and enthusiasm? Then these words that are inspired by the meaning of red—from firecracker red to the muted hues of autumn—may be just what you’re looking for.

Fiery  Tropics
Lively Zippy

Naming your new pup is a red-letter day and one of the first of many happy adventures that you’ll enjoy together. For more puppy tips, check out our article on raising a Goldendoodle puppy. We hope we’ve helped you out and brought you a smile or two along the way.

What names are you considering for your red haired dog? We’d love to hear!

Please comment below.

BlogPaws Conference 2018: The Best Pet-Loving Celebration Yet

BlogPaws Conference 2018: Celebrate with Us!

BlogPaws Conference Celebrate with us title and red goldendoodle dogBlogPaws Conference Sponsored Post Disclaimer

As BlogPaws Conference Speaker Ambassadors (I’m the official ambassador but Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe loves being the ambassadoodle), we couldn’t be more excited to help welcome everyone to Kansas City, give you an “online tour” of all the best things to do with your dog in Kansas City, and help make the BlogPaws 10th anniversary a pet-loving celebration to remember! Also, we want to share as much information with you as possible before the conference even starts–so that you can get the most out of every minute when you arrive.

Let’s start the celebration by introducing the 2018 BlogPaws Conference keynote speakers!

In addition to the educational workshops and sessions, which I shared in 2018 BlogPaws Conference Educational Sessions: The Ultimate Guide, the keynote speaker sessions are not to be missed! I think both (there are two!)sessions will offer fresh insights and inspiration–especially as BlogPaws celebrates 10 years of educating and creating a pet-loving community! Oh, and if you haven’t registered for the conference, you can right here!

7 reasons you won’t want to miss the BlogPaws conference keynote speaker sessions

#7 Learning. The educational piece can’t be overlooked. The BlogPaws conference keynote speaker sessions are a chance to learn from industry experts–to get the latest info about the pet industry, pet brands, and hear how to connect with your audience on a bigger scale.

#6 Synthesizing. The keynote speaker sessions are held on day two and day three of the BlogPaws conference. (You can check out the entire BlogPaws conference schedule here.) The sessions are a chance to take it all in, pull out the pieces that inspire you, and connect the dots between other sessions that you’ve attended.

#5 Trending. The keynote speakers have a pulse on the pet industry and the social media map of the future. They share new insights into what’s on the horizon and they offer up the latest trends.

#4: Relating. There’s something about being in a group of pet-loving conference goers–some with dogs at their feet, some with cats in their lap, and some with whiskery rodents peeking out of baskets–that adds to the experience. We meet. We chat. We listen. We learn. We connect.

#3 Personalizing. Listening to the BlogPaws conference keynote speakers is a time to be a little selfish. Go ahead and invest the time in yourself, personalize what you’re hearing, and think about how it applies to your life, your blog, your business, or your brand.

#2 Inspiring. Through all the group think, professional wisdom, connecting, and synthesizing, there’s  enough motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to energize you for the year ahead. You’ll leave inspired. Immersed. Recharged.

And the number one reason not to miss the 2018 BlogPaws conference keynote speaker sessions…

#1: Pet-loving people! You’ll get to hear from two pet-loving experts who work for industry-leading brands: and BuzzFeed.

Meet the The 10th Anniversary BlogPaws Conference Keynote Speakers

BlogPaws Conference Keynote Speaker Emmy Favilla and BlogPaws Conference logo and Happy-Go-Doodle Dog

Meet: Emmy Favilla

Company:  BuzzFeed

Role: Emmy is a Senior Commerce Editor at Buzzfeed where she writes and edits shopping content.

Keynote Session Topic:  How to Create Engaging Pet-Product Content and Connect With Your Audience

Date: Thursday, April 19,  1:15pm – 2:15pm

It will be a treat to hear…Emmy’s point of view on the importance of being REAL and authentic when sharing your story.

Here is an excerpt from Emmy’s keynote speaker presentation summary. You can read more and sign up for her session on

BuzzFeed Senior Commerce editor Emmy Favilla shares tips and tricks for creating relatable, honest, and fun product posts and reviews that compel readers to buy — as well as discusses when to be discerning about promoting items — and covers best practices and ethics when it comes to creating editorial content that incorporates affiliate marketing.

BlogPaws Conference Keynote Speaker Lesley Bender and BlogPaws logo with Happy-Go-Doodle dog

Meet: Lesley Bender

Company: Chewy

Role: Lesley oversees the strategic development of brand marketing at Chewy.

Keynote Session Topic: The Influence of Pets: A Day in the Life of a Pet Brand Marketer

Date: Friday, April 20,  1:30pm – 2:30pm

It will be a treat to hear…Lesley talk about “going beyond the sponsored blog post” when working with pet brands. Additionally, I’m excited to hear her insights into the latest trends in the pet industry.

Here is an excerpt from Lesley’s keynote speaker presentation summary. You can read more and sign up on

Please join Lesley Bender, Director of Brand Marketing for Chewy, to learn how pets are influencing the landscape of brand marketing. She will share trends in the pet industry and how you, the influencer, can work with brands outside of traditional reviews and sponsored content.

The 10th Anniversary BlogPaws Conference: All-time favorites PLUS new and noteworthy

Now that you know a little about the keynote speakers, let’s take a peek at what the BlogPaws team has been cooking up to create a 10th-anniversary celebration to remember! In addition to bringing back many favorite activities from 2017, they are adding some all-new activities in honor of the 10th anniversary celebration!

What favorites are back again this year? Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • One-on-ones: The one-on-one sessions are back by popular demand! Watch for the sign-ups coming soon. There are a limited number of spots available for these mini-workshops where attendees can get advice, tips, and information from conference speakers.
  • Table topics:  These lunch-and-learn-style sessions are a great way to collaborate with other attendees and pick up tips shared by the topic leader. There is a maximum of 10 people at each table. For more information check out the  BlogPaws 2018 Conference schedule.
  • Awards banquet and red carpet: This evening is pure fun! After walking the red carpet and having dinner with attendees, the 2018 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards Finalists will be announced in a gala ceremony featuring celebrity emcee, David Frei!
  • Pet-loving and pet-friendly: As always, the BlogPaws conference is for people who love pets! Each speaker, each ambassador, each attendee shares a love for pets. Also, the 2018 conference is pet-friendly!

What’s new and noteworthy at the 10th Anniversary BlogPaws Conference? Here are a few that stand out to me:

  • All-new experiential areas! Like having a home away from home, there will be five pet-focused experiential areas that are new for 2018. I can imagine that the photo ops will be endless! Here’s what you’ll find:
    • In the living room…you can connect with speakers and sponsors one-on-one. This area is sponsored by  Comfort Zone.
    • In the office…step into an office space where you can get a sneak peek into the 2019 BlogPaws conference location. Plus, Chewy Studios will be on hand for photo ops!
    • In the kitchen…check out the homemade baked dog treats, snacks, and beverages. These goodies are generously provided by Whisk & Wag.
    • On the patio… Mingle with friends and see what’s pet-friendly. This experience is sponsored by Frontline.
    • In the backyard…Merrick is excited to welcome you to the backyard where you can enjoy some yard games.
  • Sip, Celebrate, and Decorate a Cake! In celebration of the 10th anniversary, Three Dog Bakery is hosting a Sip, Celebrate, and Decorate activity! Three Dog Bakery will bring the cakes, tools, and icing! All that’s needed is YOU to decorate your own cake! There will even be a chef on hand to share cake decorating tips!
  • BBQ TIME!  Kansas City is known for its barbeque! On Thursday, April 19, we’ll be celebrating BlogPaws’ 10th anniversary with KC BBQ for lunch! Food! Fun! Friendship!

BlogPaws Conference 2018 Red goldendoodle with Will you meet me in KC title

Celebrate with Us! 

Will you be part of the 2018 10th Anniversary BlogPaws conference celebration?  We hope to see you!

Where: The Sheraton Hotel at Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri

When: April 18-20

How: Haven’t registered yet? You can learn more and sign up here!


For more information about the BlogPaws conference, check out the BlogPaws conference page. you have a pet blog, a pet business, an Instagram account featuring your pet, or you’re simply a curious dog mom or dog dad, I can’t think of a better way to connect with pet-loving people in a pet-friendly city.  Please let us know if you’ll be joining us in Kansas City for the 10th Anniversary BlogPaws conference. We’d love to meet you!

We're looking forward to seeing you soon with Red goldendoodle dog

Doodle kisses and tail wags!

Will you be attending the BlogPaws conference? Do you have any questions? Please comment below! 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogPaws. The opinions and text are all mine.

Photos of the BlogPaws Conference Keynote speakers Lesley Bender and Emmy Favilla

2018 BlogPaws Conference Educational Sessions: The Ultimate Guide

The 2018 BlogPaws Conference Sessions and Speakers will Blog You Away
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s blown away by all the pros who will be leading the 2018 BlogPaws conference sessions.

BlogPaws Conference Sponsored Post Disclaimer

The Ultimate Guide to the 2018 BlogPaws Educational Sessions

As BlogPaws Speaker Ambassador and Ambassa-doodle, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I are excited to be your guides and share everything we know about the BlogPaws conference educational sessions which are a highlight of the 2018 BlogPaws Conference.

For us, being Ambassadors is like being tour guides and friendly neighbors rolled into one! We’re here to share a warm welcome from Kansas City–the home of the 2018 BlogPaws conference! (You can read our BlogPaws ambassador true story here.) Also, we’re here to help guide you through the BlogPaws educational sessions so that you can get the most out of the BlogPaws conference experience.

As with any adventure or journey, it’s fun to get prepped before you arrive. That’s where we come in!  With that in mind, let’s embark on an ultimate tour of all things related to the BlogPaws conference sessions and speakers.

First of all, meet your guides!

Dog mom and Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe are your guides helping your on your BlogPaws conference adventures
Dog Mom Jenise and Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe are ready to guide your through the bow-wow worthy BlogPaws educational sessions at the 10th Anniversary BlogPaws conference!

An Overview of the BlogPaws Conference Educational Sessions Landscape

Our first goal on our ultimate tour of the BlogPaws conference sessions is to share a wide-angle view of the “educational landscape.” What types of workshops sessions are available at the conference? What subjects will you be learning? Here’s a high-level overview of the types of information that the 2018 BlogPaws conference speakers will be sharing!


BlogPaws conference offers social media educational opportunitiesFor Chloe and me, navigating through social media without BlogPaws would be like trying to play a game of fetch in the dark. Sure, Chloe can nose out the ball, but it’s a lot more efficient and fun in the sun! BlogPaws shines a light on the social media landscape with educational sessions led by professionals. At this year’s conference, you can attend sessions about Instagram, Pinterest,  Facebook, podcasting, and more.


BlogPaws conference offers social media business and monetization educational courses and moreThere are many ways that you can monetize your blog–from publishing to sponsored posts to affiliate marketing and more. Plus, there are important business skills that come along with being a blogger, micro-influencer, or pet industry expert. At the BlogPaws 2018 conference, you’ll be able to attend sessions on copyright, brand sponsorships, pet career entrepreneurship, and affiliate marketing–just to name a few!


BlogPaws conference sessions offer social media, businesss, monetization, blogging how-tosSEO? Keywords? Blogging goals? There’s so much going on behind the scenes of a blog, but you don’t have to travel the blogging road alone. With session topics such as developing blogging goals, understanding trends in SEO, and blogging with purpose, the speakers help clear the path to blogging success.

                                                                        #4 CREATIVE EXPERTISE

BlogPaws Conference Sessions Offer Social Media, Business, Monetization, Blogging, and Creative How-Tos

A big part of being a blogger, an influencer, or an entrepreneur in the pet industry, is understanding how to tell YOUR story to YOUR audience in a way that they’ll love– one that’s authentic and engaging. You need the creative tools to make your story come to life. Additionally, managing your time and your resources is an important piece of the creative pie. The BlogPaws conference is a place where you can hone those skills and get expert help from the pros!

Table Topics, One-on-One Sessions, and More: Touring the Types of Sessions Offered During the Conference

Now that you have a broad view of the content, you may be wondering about the format of the educational sessions. Are they all the same? Does everyone attend all the sessions? Our next stop on our ultimate tour of the BlogPaws conference sessions is an overview of presentation formats offered at this pet-friendly, three-day event.

  • Table Topics: These are casual, lunch-and-learn style sessions where a presenter shares information about a specific topic over lunch with up to 10 conference guests. There are a limited number of spaces available at the Table Topic Talks, so it’s important to sign up early!
  • One-on-Ones: Yes, the name says it all! These are individual sessions with conference speakers. This is your chance to ask questions and get input that’s specific to your blog or your business! It’s a great value! However, these sessions are extremely popular and fill up fast! Be quick as a retriever chasing a fetch toy!
  • Breakout sessions: With so much to share, BlogPaws offers multiple sessions during the same time period. Each break out session is led by the presenter in a format of their choosing. It could be a workshop, q & a style, or a presentation.
  • Keynotes: There are two keynote speaker sessions. These are a highlight of the conference! The 2018 keynote speakers have not been announced yet, so make sure you’re following BlogPaws on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for these announcements. (Or, if you’ve already signed up for the conference, watch your email inbox for information.)

Are you ready to know more about the conference sessions and speakers?

Here are important tips on HOW to get the most out of the BlogPaws conference sessions!

As your ambassadors, we highly recommend that, if you have not already registered for the conference, do so now. There are many advantages to registering. Once you’ve signed up, you can:

  • receive weekly emails from BlogPaws with the latest conference news and updates
  • create your conference profile as part of the conference registration
  • plan and build your personalized conference schedule on
  • connect with other attendees who have registered
  • check out the speaker profiles on
  • add the app to your phone so that you have your schedule at your fingertips while attending the conference.

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s Tip: You can sign up for the conference right here

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe with tour guide flag in front of the World War 1 Memorial in Kansas City Missouri

Your tour of the sessions and speakers wouldn’t be complete without an easy way to register for the BlogPaws 2018 conference right here:

BlogPaws 2018 Conference: Register Now   

Now that we’ve shared the educational session landscape and how you can sign up for the BlogPaws conference, let’s meet the pros who will be leading the BlogPaws 2018 conference sessions.

Who are the people presenting at  the 2018 BlogPaws conference?

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I took a little trip over to (which is your place to plan your conference schedule, read the speaker bios, learn about the sessions, etc.), and we checked out the speaker’s bios and the session overviews. Rather than tell you about the sessions and individual speakers, we decided to show you by creating word clouds from the speakers’ bios and the session overviews. We thought it would be a fun way to share who the presenters are and what educational topics are popping up!  Here’s what we learned…

BlogPaws 2018 Conference Word Cloud from Session Overviews
This word cloud was created from the BlogPaws conference speakers’ presentation overviews. Look what popping up!

Word cloud of text from the BlogPaws Conference Speaker bios
Curious about who the BlogPaws Conference speakers are? This word cloud was created from the BlogPaws 2018 speakers’ bios! Looks like a pet-loving, digitally savvy group!

Get to Know Before You Go!

Want to know specific information about the speakers and the presentation topics? BlogPaws makes it easy. You can…

READ more about each of the BlogPaws speakers here!  Also, there is a weekly BlogPaws speaker series blog post that spotlights individual speakers on

WATCH Facebook Lives where BlogPaws team members chat with this year’s speakers. They are available by going to the BlogPaws Facebook page. It’s a great way to get to know the speakers before you go!

FOLLOW the speakers on Twitter using the BlogPaws Twitter list.

BlogPaws Conference Tips from Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe!

As your guides, we wanted to share a few tips that we learned at our first conference last year. Chloe's happy to share BlogPaws conference tips

  • TIP #1: You won’t be in the dog house if you decide to switch your schedule and attend a different session than you’d planned. Everyone’s friendly and wants you to be able to make the most of your experience!
  • TIP #2: Choose the sessions you want to attend based on your blogging or influencer goals!
  • TIP #3: The BlogPaws community shares notes! If you’re not able to attend a session, ask someone to swap notes with you. Also, BlogPaws (and many of the speakers) make presentation slides available following the conference. Quite possibly, you will have access to ALL the conference sessions even though it’s physically impossible to attend each one! BowWOW!

Last of all, on our all-things-sessions-and-speakers tour, we’d like end with some thoughts from other attendees about why the BlogPaws sessions have been game-changers for them. We reached out to the BlogPaws community through Facebook and Instagram comments and  here’s what they had to say…

Why are the BlogPaws Conferenece Sessions meaningful? Seven quotes from bloggers and influencers

How Have the BlogPaws Conference Educational Sessions Helped You?

“Our Google Analytics are up 200% in page views for the month of February compared to last year’s February and we are sure that it is largely in part due to the knowledge we gained at our two BlogPaws conferences we were lucky enough to attend! –  ChiPets

“Networking and meeting the people you already feel you have met via social.” – Jodi Perkins Clock, Ask Jodi

“I enjoy the opportunity to engage with speakers in a way I likely cannot do remotely. Being able to ask questions and gain insight based on their reply is valuable for me, but I’m sure it’s valuable for other participants. If one person in the audience asks a question, there’s a good chance many others are thinking the same and simply don’t know or feel comfortable articulating them. Additionally, being able to partner the presenter with their visual tools helps to illustrate points for people regardless of their learning style!” – Bryn Nowell, A Dog Walks into a Bar 

Every note I made I still use two years later. It’s gold dust.” – Marjorie Dawson, Dash Kitten
“At the workshops and by connecting with other bloggers and influencers, I learned HOW bloggers and influencers were making money.”  – Cathy Armato, Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them
“(It’s) so much easier to focus and really learn about topics like SEO or Branding or Instagram or Facebook in an interactive live setting with good visual examples, case studies, questions, and responses. It can also be really inspiring to see a good presentation and trigger all sorts of great ideas.  – Susan Nation, Talents Hounds
“If on the fence, fall toward BlogPaws, every time!” – Elizabeth Keene, Chronicles of Cardigan


Finally, thank you for joining us on our ultimate BlogPaws 2018 conference sessions and speakers tour! We hope you’re as excited as we are to embark on all this learning under one…WOOF! 

We’ll see you at the BlogPaws 2018 10th Anniversary Conference:

  • April 18 – 20, 2018
  • The Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center Hotel
  • Kansas City, MO


Be part of an all-new immersive experience!

Check out all the BlogPaws conference adventures

While we shared an “all things educational” perspective on the conference in this post, there’s so much more about the BlogPaws conference to explore!
This year there will be an all-new experiential area that will take the conference to a whole new level.(Sounds like a great photo op too!) It will include a kitchen where experts will be whipping up treats for people and pets, patio, office, living room…and prizes too.
Plus, you’ll meet pet brand sponsors, walk the red carpet, attend the BlogPaws Social Media and Pet Blogging awards ceremony, and connect with others who are passionate about pets! Want to know more? Check out all the latest news and information on the BlogPaws 2018 10th Anniversary Conference in Kansas City, MO right here!  Or register now
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe's Everything Guide to the BlogPaws 2018 Conference Sessions & Speakers
For more updates, check out my companion post: BlogPaws 2018: The Best Pet-Loving Celebration Yet.

Do you have any questions about this year’s BlogPaws conference sessions?

Please comment below. We’ll do our best to answer your questions or to direct you to someone who can!

See you soon at BlogPaws 2018 Conference
Tail wags and take care from your BlogPaws 2018 Conference Speaker Ambassadors!
Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and Jenise

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogPaws. The opinions and text are all mine.

A Girl Walks into a BlogPaws Conference: True Story

 red goldendoodle dog and title a girl walks into a blogpaws conference

BlogPaws Conference Sponsored Post Disclaimer

A girl walks into a conference…

Sounds like a set-up in need of a punchline?

Better than a one-liner, it’s the beginning of a true story about how life can change course in the blink of an eye. And it’s also the introduction to a pet-loving story between a girl and her dog.  (A dog who unknowingly inspires the girl to live in the moment, catch all the fun she can, and push forward because you never know what new adventures lie ahead.)

Want to know more? Here’s a peek behind the curtain:

Meet a couple of real characters…

sepia tone photo of Happy-Go-Doodle team

Chloe–a fluffy muppet of a goldendoodle dog with a nose for adventure and an ongoing obsession with a yellow tennis ball.

Jenise–Chloe’s dog mom and sidekick whose favorite adventures are any that include her muppet pup. She fully supports her kiddoodle’s obsession for yellow tennis balls. The two share endless games of fetch.

Take a peek at the back story…

A whole new world (and a pet-loving adventure) begins after Jenise is laid off from her 27-year career as an innovator and strategist at Hallmark Cards. In the blink of an eye, her world is rocked. But with Chloe by her side and through the support of her family, she decides it’s time to reinvent herself–and to put her energy into a business of her own. Through freelancing and consulting, she begins to rebuild.

As she works, Chloe patiently waits by her side until it’s time for a break­–a game of fetch or two or three or four. It’s during those moments of companionship, that a new adventure ignites…and the two become the hands and paws behind the vision for Happy-Go-Doodle, a blog and brand founded in sharing as much joy with others as Chloe shares with everyone she meets.

Happy-Go-Doodle logo and slogan

Think. Think. Swirl. Repeat…

“Wordpress and keyword strategies and how to grow an email list…and what’s affiliate marketing, anyway?” Self-doubt swirls around in the girl’s head like a goldendoodle doing zoomies in the first winter snow.

Red goldendoodle dog, Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe, chasing her tail in the snow with her floppy dog ears flying

Chloe’s happy-go-lucky attitude helps Jenise press on–along with her discovery of another joy: a social learning community called BlogPaws.

Aha! BlogPaws!

Through a Google search, BlogPaws pops up at the top of the search results. Like a dog sniffing out a treat hidden under the couch cushion, the girl joins BlogPaws–a premier social media company, a gem of a pet-loving community, a wealth of social media/blogging education, and a gold mine of new connections with pet-loving people, pet brands, and a friendly BlogPaws staff. And all of this culminates in a yearly pet blogging and social media conference.

With some coaxing from her family, she attends the BlogPaws 2017 conference in Myrtle Beach.

Which brings us to back to…

A girl walks into a conference…and discovers a pet-loving life journey…

From the moment she steps off the plane in Myrtle Beach, the connections with cool people begin. Through conversations with bloggers, brands, influencers, and speakers, the girl’s (and Chloe’s) new future begins to unfold.

A girl walks into a conference…and walks out with her suitcase packed full of swag (a.k.a. yummy treats from brand sponsors that’ll make a dog say “bow-WOW”) and her own heart filled with memories, friendships, connections…

…and even more love for pets and the people who love them.

Collage of photos from BlogPaws 2017 conference including Happy-Go-Doodle

The Happy-Go-Doodle ending?

Well, this story is still in the works as the girl and her dog set off on more blogging adventures together. But the next chapter will be written at the 2018 BlogPaws conference in April!

Red goldendoodle dog in a Kansas City and title BlogPaws Conference 2018 Kansas City Kansas City Here We Come

What will BlogPaws do for you? 

We hope our BlogPaws story offers a little inspiration to you and insight into what the BlogPaws conference is all about. Wherever you are in your life journey or in your pet-loving adventures, BlogPaws could be the spark that ignites something new for you too! We hope you’ll join us at the BlogPaws 2018 Conference in our hometown of Kansas City, Missouri!


Also, we couldn’t be happier or more excited to let you know that we’ll be serving as BlogPaws 2018 conference ambassadors! (Ok. I’m the official ambassador, but Chloe will be my partner and ambassa-doodle!) It’s an honor and privilege to be part of the ambassador team along with these amazing pet bloggers and influencers:

You can read the BlogPaws 2018 Ambassador bios here.

BlogPaws Conference Ambassador Badge

Being an ambassador is a chance for me to pay it forward–to share the kind of hospitality that I received last year from the 2017 conference ambassadors, bloggers, brands, BlogPaws staff, and so many other pet-lovers at the conference. (Read more 2017 happy conference memories here.)

Additionally, as the BlogPaws Speaker Ambassador, I’m excited to help share news about the great line-up of sessions and to help the speakers feel welcomed to the BlogPaws community and conference!

Five Tail-Wagging Things to Know About the BlogPaws 2018 Conference

1. Who’s invited? Everyone!

Friends have asked me whether the BlogPaws conference is right for them. My response? “Yes!” Chloe’s response?  “Abso-doodle-ly!”  I asked BlogPaws Campaign Manager Bernard Lima-Chevez who should attend the 2018 BlogPaws Conference. I loved his response:

“The BlogPaws conference is for everyone. Maybe you’re curious to see what a pet-friendly conference is all about. Maybe you have an Instagram account and you would like to do more with it. Or maybe you’re a serious blogger or social media influencer who’s ready to take your business to the next level. Wherever you are on your journey, we have something for you.”

– Bernard Lima-Chavez

2. When is the BlogPaws 2018 Conference? Where is it? 

Mark your calendar, get registered, and start humming  “Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…”

kansas city skyline and title hello from kansas city and copyright happy-go-doodle

3. What makes BlogPaws unique?

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I think of it this way …

“Animals and people have a great bond. Together we can change each other’s lives. #BlogPaws is the spark.” -Happy-Go-Doodle #ad #bloggerlife Click To Tweet

Plus, this year marks BlogPaws’ 10th conference anniversary! It will be an epic celebration of ten years of loving pets and bringing people together! It will be a special celebration that’s bound to become a happy memory for a lifetime!

4. How do I register?  

It’s easy. You can register here and then look forward to all the new adventures that are about to begin for you! Once you register, BlogPaws  will make sure you have all the information you need–and as an attendee, you’ll get to hear all the latest news first!

Register here 

(Note: This code is only valid on Network, Blogger, and Small Business Rate. All others pay full price.)

Don’t wait or hesitate! There are a limited number of tickets and we don’t want you to miss out.

5. How can I learn more?

Find out more about the BlogPaws 2018 Conference in Kansas City, MO right here!

Red goldendoodle dog in front of North Kansas City Missouri Fountain and words look for me in KC

Ready to write a new chapter in your pet-loving story?  Then the 2018 BlogPaws conference is right for you!

We hope you’ll catch all the BlogPaws conference happiness along with us!

Doodle kisses and tail wags!

– Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and Jenise

Have you attended a BlogPaws conference? How has BlogPaws positively impacted your life? We’d love to hear! Please comment below!

Do you have questions about this year’s BlogPaws conference? Please comment below. We’ll do our best to answer your questions or to direct you to someone who can!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogPaws. The opinions and text are all mine.